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  1. 发布时间:2020-08-18
  2. 工作地点:上海
  3. 职位类型:全职
  4. 来源:戴森
  5. 职位:2021校园招聘



戴森是一家全球科技公司,也是由创始人、发明家及总工程师詹姆斯•戴森(James Dyson)领导的家族企业lehu乐虎官网| lehu08乐虎官网lehu乐虎官网| lehu08乐虎官网。詹姆斯•戴森致力于利用科学技术,用以解决他人忽视的问题。目前,戴森公司在新技术中已投入25亿英镑,其中包括投入2.5亿英镑,用于马尔姆斯伯里的研发总部和新加坡及上lehu乐虎官网| lehu08乐虎官网?萍际笛槭业壤┙ㄏ钅。通过这项投资lehu乐虎官网| lehu08乐虎官网,戴森不断扩大与大学共同展开的研究计划,并加深其核心技术领域的内部专长lehu乐虎官网| lehu08乐虎官网,如电池lehu乐虎官网| lehu08乐虎官网、电机、机器人视觉系统lehu乐虎官网| lehu08乐虎官网lehu乐虎官网| lehu08乐虎官网、机器学习、人工智能和材料科学。



戴森全球各地的研发团队致力于持续研发固态电池lehu乐虎官网| lehu08乐虎官网,高速数码马达,视觉系统lehu乐虎官网| lehu08乐虎官网lehu乐虎官网| lehu08乐虎官网,机器学习技术及人工智能方面的创新技术lehu乐虎官网| lehu08乐虎官网。戴森拥有全英规模领先的机器人技术研发团队,除了不断壮大的公司自有团队外lehu乐虎官网| lehu08乐虎官网,位于英国伦敦帝国理工学院(Imperial College London)的戴森机器人实验室(Dyson Robotics Lab)也在不断开展长期研究项目lehu乐虎官网| lehu08乐虎官网。



戴森工程与技术学院(Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology)位于威尔特郡的马姆斯伯里镇,占地67英亩,于2017年九月正式开放lehu乐虎官网| lehu08乐虎官网。戴森投入3150万英镑用于帮助缓解英国工程师匮乏的处境。戴森将支付学生们四年课程的全部学费,其中包含了第一年和第二年的工程学基础知识lehu乐虎官网| lehu08乐虎官网。 课程在第三年和第四年将教授电子和机械工程学。与此同时,他们还将在戴森的全球工程团队中带薪工作lehu乐虎官网| lehu08乐虎官网lehu乐虎官网| lehu08乐虎官网,接触真实的工程项目,参与开发未来的戴森技术。


职位名称 职位详情

Sales 销售 Sales graduate will be a long term asset to the China organization, and grow alongside with the business. Start off by getting familiar with all sell in/sell out related details, develop customer insight and solid data analytic skill for different sales channels, in the meantime support Business Development Manager for sell in related actions. 立即投递

Digital Marketing 数字营销 Digital team graduate will have chance to work in ecommerce marketing or brand digital marketing, learn Tmall and JD.com eco-system create campaigns ideas that can convert visitors into Dyson shoppers, and manage performance media to deliver high return; learn the entire China digital landscape, execute campaign ideas across search engine, social media, popular apps, online KOLs & celebrities. Discover valuable data points, invent smart ways to collect and structure data, then perform analysis and provide sharp findings and insights that business functions can take actions. And last, track and measure effectiveness of sales and marketing activities for next round improvement. 立即投递

Brand Marketing 品牌营销 Brand Marketing graduate will support line manager to develop brand assets and category campaigns; coordinate with cross function teams to deliver category initiatives and closely monitor commercial impact, take lead in digital-driven communication/creatives and new channel deliveries; analyze market trend and competition intelligence, targeted business report and data consolidation to deliver media plan, creatives, and monitoring outputs. 立即投递

Financial 财务 Finance graduate will be working cross-functionally to prepare and publish standard reporting on daily, weekly and/or monthly basis; participate and support monthly financial cycle, provide analytical support to the FP&A team. 立即投递

HR 人力资源 HR graduate will be shadowing and observing the team on communication, coordination and influence, learn C&B in daily HR operation from interaction with TA, TD and HR BP team; support BP team in running whole cycle of yearly performance review, talent review, learn by doing on how to manage talent development and training management and gradually accumulate facilitating skills through training organizing and delivery;






















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