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Azax Syndrom is Regev Azaria from Israel. One of the leading top artists of today, with a unique style of music, known as "Power Trance". Playing his music worldwide over a decade, and the owner of many tracks that become milestones in the psy-trance evolution.
His musical background is heavy metal, as a lead singer in a metal band at the early 90's. Later he started to collect and play psy-trance music, and at 2003 his debut album was published, and was considered by many as revolutionary. Later he released 3 more albums, and many more tracks, at various labels worldwide.
During the years, Azax played at every Major stage world- wide, gaining many followers and fans from all over the globe. As a producer he is always looking forward to innovate, and to create a new format of sound.

Future plans for the upcoming year is a new album, and many releases at various labels…


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